Touch Up Followup

Stopped by the body shop today to ask if there was a nice and simple way to touch up my hood and got some interesting advice. As to the actual doing, an abbreviated form of the advice mentioned below (sand down to metal, get rid of blistering around, multiple coats, wet/dry sandpaper), but he suggested doing an ICBC claim before trying it myself, as they cover rock damage under the comprehensive deductable, and the cost to get it done “properly” would involve repainting the hood, blending, etc, which could cost $400 or so, and comprehensive coverage is usually $300. Even if I don’t actually submit the claim, getting it ahead of time gives a bit of a cushion in case I completely screw up the touch up paint, or am unhappy with how it turns out (pretty much no chance of getting it “perfect” without a hood repaint apparently), I can always take the car in on the claim. Good info to know. I’ve got an appointment right after work, so I’ll take it in there quickly, hopefully go through the process quickly, and then have that just in case. Now in case you were wondernig, I did boggle at what he thought necessary to fix a paint chip, and no I don’t want to spend a ton of money to get a simple paint chip fixed.

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