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“He may destroy the missles as part of his campaign of deception”
— Someone at the whitehouse on Saddam destroying his missles

What drugs are these people on? Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Saddam doing exactly what was asked, ordered and demanded of him? Without getting into the political BS (which I could rant on for a bit), does the bloody mornon sitting in the whitehouse think that statements like that give him more credibility as a) an idiot or b) a warmonger? The quote by the way, was heard on a new report on the radio, so I can only guess if it’s valid or not.

In other news, the terror alert has been lowered to yellow, so the hordes in the states can rush back and try to return their plastic and duct tape, and can safely walk the streets again. Some of my favorite Fark comments on this include:

  • “Well I feel 20% safer now.” –You_mean_Im_gonna_stay_this_color
  • “Finally I can go outside…” –Delser
  • “Yellow; yield to terrorists. Gotcha.” –Dorf1
  • “I guess they felt ‘patriotism’ was at a high enough level to lower it again.” –Meshman
  • “Finally! removes underwear” — Sneech
  • “Jim: What does a yellow light mean?

    Tony: Slow down.

    Jim: What, does, a, yellow, light, mean?

    Tony: Slow down!

    Jim: Whaaat, duuuuuuz, uuuuh, yeeeeeelow, liiiiite, meeeeeen?

    Best. Taxi. Ever.” — Sikobabel

  • “How this go so far without a Red Dwarf “bulb” gag ?” –Xane
  • Finding this image was good too…

Credit for lowering the alert to an elevated state is that “planned terrorist attacks were deterred by the hightened state of security” (paraphrase from the news report).

Seriously, are they expecting all but the blindest flag-waving redneck soldier of fortune to swallow this crap?

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