Drinking Driving Laws

Watching TV tonight they had a man on the street interview question of “are the drinking driving laws tough enough”. Most answered no, and one guy said that they were fine, because people are going to drink and drive no matter what. Sadly, I think he was probably quite true. I don’t think people go out and say “I’m going to drive drunk tonight!” I think they say “I’ll be fine” and head home. The question really is how to get through a slightly inebriated mind that this is a bad idea?

The solution is (as it is to many things in my little world), random executions. Pass a law that says that if convicted of drinking driving, you will either get the standard slap on the wrist 24 hour suspension (or whatever it is) or random criminals contestants will simply be executed on the spot, or maybe hung in town square.

I think that even a pretty drunk mind would go “Hell, I can dri…. hmm… possibly strung up in town square? Maybe I’ll call a cab.” That’s my theory anyway, it goes along with the random-cyanide-laced-cigarettes idea I had a while back. A bit odd I know, as I’m a pacifist, and not pro-death penalty. Time to write my mayor/councilperson/whoeverisinchargeofmakinglaws.

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  1. 2 nights ago I went out with the family for dinner and had 2 beautiful pints of beer …mmmmm beer.
    Anyways, I made a big show to my kids how perhaps one beer is okay to drive, but 2 is too many so I let the wife drive home.
    I think that’s where we can change the attitude. My generation was brought up with drinking and driving is pretty much okay as long as you don’t get caught. Maybe the next generation will have a better attitude.Or we could get a real court system that actually punishes people instead of the slaps we’re giving out now. “Mr. Arcterex, that will be a fine of $10,000 or 1 year in jail for your first offence”

  2. Yup, I remember when I got my drivers license there was a little card showing your weight and how many drinks you could have before you were unsafe to drive, and how many before you were over the legal limit. Unsafe was pink, over the limit was red. For me one drink was white (ok) two was pink, and it moved to red from there. A couple of years later I looked at the same card and there were NO white areas, everything was marked as “unsafe”.
    As for $10k or 1y, yea, that’d make me think a bit harder. I still say random hangings would be even more effective, as rich kids probably have $10k to burn (or parents who’ll do it to get their kids out of trouble).

  3. i think that people should think befor getting into a car with a driver that has been drinking it is folish and every one should know better think befor you drink!

  4. i think that people should think befor getting into a car with a driver that has been drinking it is folish and every one should know better think befor you drink!

  5. Should we have a legal BAC level? Isn’t that really just telling America “It’s ok to drink and drive, just not too much alchohol!” Seriously, should there be exceptions to drinking and driving? Shouldn’t it be illegal to consume any amount of alchohol and then drive? Most studies show impairment at a BAC level of 0.02. I think the charges of drinking and driving should automatically be attempted homicide. People know the risks of drinking and driving. They know there is a possibility of an accident, yet they make the decision to drive. When my stepmother was hit and killed by a drunk driver, her killer knew there was a risk of an accident. Anyways, that’s just my opinion!