Job Offerings

Had an interesting meeting with a guy tonight, basically offered me a job. That was a bit odd, and very flattering. Normally it is me going to someone asking for a job, but this was someone coming to me. Sounded like a decent offer, relatively close, a bit less of a drive, a company that’s been around for a while and is selling non-computer products, basically needing a programmer to help their team out in doing stuff to augment their physical products.

The even stranger thing to me is there is no reason not to take it. I mean, normally when there is the chance of a job (for me anyway) it’s either while I’m working already, and I’d feel guilty about “betraying” my existing employer (which is how I felt when I got my job with netmaster originally or it’s contract work, or something else. This time, assuming that my contract ends when it’s scheduled, and I’m not offered another (which is possible) or a full time job (again, possible), it’s perfectly logical. I can still work on business stuff in the evenings while enjoying the benefits of a day job.

Of course, I’ll have to talk to the current boss to see what his plans are, and figure out how much take home the offer that was made would result in, and other stuff (check their stock prices and history out, and see if this guy (hey J!) is featured anywhere on 🙂

It was cool to know that the work at school and at other companies has resulted in me being a gasp asset that people want. Very cool. I guess I do rock!

Update I guess there would be downsides…. working 8 hours a day at consulting wages will make me more than 8 hours a day at full time wages, and there are a couple of people (at least one) who are waiting for my contract here to finish so that I can do a couple of weeks of full time contract work for them. Guess it comes down to what the take home pay equates to and how comfortable either option feels.

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