People Who Don’t Read

Is it just me, or are all tech people innandated with stupid morons who don’t know how to read?? I’m not talking about those who can’t read, but those who can but choose not to. Fuck I’m getting sick and tired of answering questions about things that could be answered if 2 seconds were taken to just look at it and use one or two bloody brain cells!!!!

I’ve been dealing with company A, and they deal with company B, who I have never heard of before or dealt with. I was asked to get the database off of the computer at company A’s workplace so they could send it to company B. I got the database off, put it on my server to ensure that it was working properly and did an SQL data dump so that company B, should they not be able to just put the binary files onto their database server and “just use it” (like I did) would be able to import the data from the SQL dump. The dump file, for those who don’t work with databases all the time, is simply a text file (take note of this part) that contains commands to re-insert the backed up data base into the database. It has all the commands needed to recreate the database tables, security information, plus of course all the data.

Tonight I get an email from company A with a forward of a question from company B:

Thank you for the database, do you know if it is mysql and the

version? Else, if it’s not mysql, what is it? 🙂

Now, if this person had actually looked at the fucking file they would have seen the very top lines were as follows:

— MySQL dump 8.22

— Host: localhost Database: companyb


— Server version 3.23.55-log

See? Take a second or two and just look, it’s not that hard, and you won’t piss me off, and bad things won’t happen.