RSS Feeds Done!

Finally got around to doing what I promised ages ago. It was simple, just copy the .pl plugin that Unix-Gal suggested, change the MTEntryExcerpt to MTEntryBodyMore, add a resolve_urls=”1″ tag, rebuild, and voila! My RSS feeds, for the aggregators out there, now contain full entries. Now, I can get pretty verbose sometimes, so I hope that’s cool.

I also added the appropriate <link> tags in the main page to point to the .91, 1.0 and 2.0 versions of the RSS file. I have no clue if they are all needed or not, or what the convention out there is…

For those who are wondering, RSS, or “Rich Site Summary” is the content of a webpage, generally a news site or weblog, formatted to a known specification in XML so that separate stand along programs, web browser add-ins, or even other websites can get the data and put it in whatever format they want. This allows you to suck data off your favorite sites (assuming they have an RSS format of their information) and view it how you want, without ads, small fonts, or any thing else.