Sleeping With Invertebrates

Hooked up with a guy I knew long ago in the FVLUG to see if we could strike up some sort of a deal. He needs a linux guy to watch over his shoulder, do some monitoring on his server, etc. Anyway went over to his place and discovered he’s got a very cool job. He runs, which gets in fish and sea critters from all over the globe (some very cool sounding places) and resells them to pet shops and aquariums. His garage is filled with tanks of fish all colors under the sun and it had that smell of the sea. In the back there were big tanks with layers of coral (grown there to help take stress off the coral reefs) and fish and all sorts of other stuff. Very cool. Anyway, props to Tim for helping out the environment and damn him for making me want to go back to Hawaii now!

Other than that I dealt with some bugs (spaces in filenames) from my last project and am now vegging watching Junkyard Mega-wars, where they are building Wright brothers style airplanes using only period tools. Mucho cool.

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