Things That Make Me Go Hmm….

Why do we close our eyes when we sleep? I assume that part of it has to do with keeping stuff out of them when our brain is turned off and we can’t react to keep things (dust, cats) from falling into them. Can you actually sleep with your eyes open? It’s just as dark when the lights are out as it is with your eyes closed, and if it’s more tiring to keep them open what about astronauts sleeping without gravity?

3 Comments on “Things That Make Me Go Hmm….”

  1. I actually used to babysit a girl who slept with her eyes open. It’s the creepiest looking thing when you are supposed to go wake them up and you see them lying there, eyes glazed over.

  2. Sleeping with eyes open

    I have, at least once, slept with my eyes open (but they were closed when I went to sleep – so I don’t know how they got open), but I do know that I have a very high degree of sensitivity to light. There’s only one place I know of where I ever to…