Arrogant Worms Concert

Last night I went to see The Arrogant
in concert. Unfortunately, two of the people who were slated to go
with us (Silverstr and
SilverstrWife) had to bail (with good reasons). In a fight to find a way to get
rid of the the two extra tickets we grabbed Yohimbe (of userfriendly fame) and managed to sell the
other ticket.

It was a great concert. They had a two person opening act which was amusing,
and the Worms were awsome of course. They played all the classics, including
such gems as “The Mounted Animal Nature Trail”, “The Last Saskatchewon Pirate”,
“Jesus’ Brother Bob”, and closed with the always amusing “Wouldn’t it be Great
if Everybody Had a Gun”.

I won’t ever think about puffins
the same again, and I have this strange desire to download mp3s of a style of
music called “Space
” (go Hawkwind!).

There was a bunch of new material as well. I think
they probably spent as much time amusing the audience in between songs as with
the actual singing itself. A definate recommendation to go if you ever get the
chance. Too bad about the timing though, on game
and all.