Blue Rodeo Concert

Welcome to folks from the Blue Rodeo forums! For A’s birthday last night we went out to the Blue Rodeo concert out in Abbotsford. Had a good time, even with my allergies starting to stand up and make themselves known. I saw them back in 2002 in Vancouver, where they were great as well. The […]

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The Fab Faux Beatles Tribute Band

This is pretty cool…. today (yesterday actually, I’m a day behind) on the Howard Stern show, which is my morning addiction, they featured The Fab Faux a Beatles tribute band. Not tribute in the normal sense though… they feel that like the music of Beethoven and other great composers, the aim is to recreate it

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The M3 MP3 Player

Well the M3 MP3 player looks pretty cool. Jimmac has one and enjoys it, and it looks pretty damn cool. Not quite as sleek and sexy as the iPod, and without the cool-ass wheel, or integration of the “extras” (software like notes, calendar, etc or hardware like the iTrip FM transmitter for car trips), but

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MP3 Organization

So after some discussions with Pokernut at work about the subject of creating a high quality music library (not that this doesn’t come up every few months with me and various friends and/or coworkers) and his plan is to rip everything to a lossless format so that you only have to rip your CDs once.

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Songs in my Head

Help me get this damn song out of my head! For some reason for the last two or three days I’ve had the “Sulu Dance” song, a mix of some 80’s song whose name I can’t remember right now and some voice clips from George Takei. Hilarious. And auditorially (is that a word) addicting. Grab

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Mission Rankin Sisters Concert

Friday night my buddy Shaun called up and said that the Mission Folk Festival was going on and that the headline act was the Rankin Sisters, who are good. So we headed out there after work and, after a little trouble finding it, enjoyed. The cost was $32 a person for the day, pretty high

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Figured I’d see what PureTracks was all about during lunch today. For those who haven’t heard of it, it’s basically a Canadian (only) online music store. This means nothing to those in the states, who have things like iTunes to purchase their legal online music from, but as a Canuck who wants to buy legal Review Read Post »

Johnny Cash Kicks Ass

Brad threw me a link to this Johnny Cash video, “Hurt”, which I have to say, rocks. As Brad said, 70 years old and still awsome. The music isn’t his as I understand it, but I’ve never heard the original. I’ve got a few mp3s of covers he’s done of various other artists, and songs

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