The M3 MP3 Player

Well the M3 MP3 player looks pretty cool. Jimmac has one and enjoys it, and it looks pretty damn cool. Not quite as sleek and sexy as the iPod, and without the cool-ass wheel, or integration of the “extras” (software like notes, calendar, etc or hardware like the iTrip FM transmitter for car trips), but it has some nifty things that make me (and Cat5 probably) perk up:

  • flac and ogg playback
  • radio
  • USB2
  • acts like any other USB storage device, so it’s compatible with linux, and any system that supports USB, so you can plug it in and have it as a storage device

No idea how much the little bugger costs, cause I don’t read Czech 🙂 Course, I also have no free money, so it’s a bit of a moot point. Any free money is earmarked (after debts) for other horrendously expensive things.