I Need More Pictures of Myself

In our bi-weekly manager meeting today our support person pointed out a presentation she’d set up to go through with clients. Showing people a bit of the ‘heart’ of the company type stuff, including different ways to get touchy feely with the clients (who, I’ve discovered recently, really like trivial things, like color coded calendars). One of these was to have pictures of the people in various departments. So lo and behold on the ‘IT’ page there’s a nice headshot of Steve (VMS god) and J (all around good geek and coder), and a horrible picture of me.

Oh my god, it was like those pictures they send around in newspapers when a dangerous felon is living in your neighborhood… off side, out of focus, bad lighting, me looking grungy and bloated and really quite awful. I don’t have a hugely high opinion of my looks, but I know I look better than that!

Time to move my photography experiments to self-portraiture I guess. Watch this space. In the meantime, enjoy these pics of a tulip coming up in the driveway (an experiment with a tip for a cheap white balance filter) and a barn (not coming up in the driveway, but instead in a field).

2 Comments on “I Need More Pictures of Myself”

  1. I like the barn picture… it’s got a sort of ethereal quality about it but you really need to crop some of that sky. There’s just way too much of it.
    Myself, I just got WordPress upgraded and have file uploads working so I just put up one of my water balloon pics. I need to really try and get some of the rest of my photo’s up.