Watched Red Dragon

Just finished watching Red Dragon. Shouldn’t’ve, but it was on, and my inspiration to do work on this project that is getting close to done was low, so I gave in. Dammit.

Not a bad show, prequel to Silence of the Lambs. Anthony Hopkins great of course as Lecter, doing that whole not-blinking thing he does. Some good twists and turns towards the end, and it had that whole profiling thing that I find myself getting really interested by… you know, when the dude says that “[evil killer] did [minor detail] while [doing horrific thing] because he [vauge physchological problem] but also [some specific detail that leads them eventually to [evil killer].” I have a feeling I’d make a horrible insane evil killer though, I don’t have the head for the sorts of details that they make seem part of the job description on TV. Remember to smash mirrors, or turn stuffed animals to the east, or arrange paint chips in an ancient african symbol of great importance….. way too much work.

Checked out the gyms here in mission on my way home from work. There are two, one is cheaper, close to home, has nice people and a members more my age, and seems quiet and relaxed. The other is slightly more expensive, close to work, has more area and all new equipment and is very shiny, with a more high school crowd and people that seem to work at a bit higher pace, ending up being slightly less personal. I am in a conundrum now.

3 Comments on “Watched Red Dragon”

  1. Manhunter, the one directed by Michael Mann and starring William Peterson (CSI), is pretty god, too. A slightly different take on the story.

  2. I second the ManHunter comment. And I would say, it’s remarkably better movie. Great shifts in pacing & good tension. Plus, it’s Michael Mann (Heat, Last of the Mohichans, and of course, Miama Vice).
    About the gym; I’d say go with the one with the people more like you. I have a pretty good set of blinders on when I’m at the gym, so a lot of stuff doesn’t bother me and never has, even when I was 255. It’s not shiney new equipment or people who appear “serious” about working out that will get you there every day.

  3. I am very lucky to have a company gym so I just go at lunch for Boot Camp or workout after work with my trainer.
    I think you should chose the gym you are more comfortable with – after all equipment isn’t everything. I never use “nautilus” type machines as I have a heavy core-oriented trainer who is free weights all the way.
    I never believed her when I started, but it’s true, after you start out that way, you will never ever get a back ache. I am becoming super-nat these days 25 or 30# barbells in my arms…Look at me! all Muscly!
    Does wonders for the tennis game.
    What about Firefly – will she join you at the gym? If so, how about a joint decision as to where to go?