Johnny Cash Kicks Ass

Brad threw me a link to this Johnny Cash video, “Hurt”, which I have to say, rocks. As Brad said, 70 years old and still awsome. The music isn’t his as I understand it, but I’ve never heard the original. I’ve got a few mp3s of covers he’s done of various other artists, and songs he’s done with non-country bands. Truely a man who knows how to move with the time.

3 Comments on “Johnny Cash Kicks Ass”

  1. Original is a Trent Reznor song (NIN). Original Video for it is….well strange as well. I haven’t seen the Johnny Cash one yet, but have heard it rocks also.

  2. both the original and the cash version are amazing. the video has such incredible imagery.
    side note: cash’s wife, who appears in the video, died a few months after it was made.

  3. As a diehard NIN fan… I have to say I like Cash’s video better than NIN’s. Cash’s is so much more poingent and touching. I think it’s the animal rotting video, isn’t it? (the NIN version I mean)… gack. It won Best Cinemitography at the MTV awards, and it was up for like 6 awards. Not bad for a 70-something country artist 🙂