Almost a Car Crash

Luckily coming to work today I did not have to watch some asshat get his dumb self killed. I’m happy about that.

I was coming along up the #1, clipping along at about 120 (I was a bit late) in the fast lane, and figured that’d be good enough. In the slow lane were a couple of trucks. Just as I’m getting to the McCallum overpass some dumbass in an old beater BMW decides that 20 over the limit isn’t good enough for him and blows by me on the right, cuts back in front of me, and starts to pass the big rig in the slow lane.

It was just about this time that the big rig decided that the rig in front of him was going a bit too slow for his liking and started to pass. At this point the BMW was about halfway past the rig and decided that being squashed like a bug against the side of the truck wasn’t the preferable option and decided that squishing himself against the concrete barrier on the side of the road was a better option. In a great slamming on of brakes, smoke and rubber being laid onto the shoulder, the BMW managed to get out of the way of the rig, but in doing so headed himself straight towards the barrier.

At this point I started reaching for my cell phone to call 911 and report a BMW on a concrete barrier resembling a fly on a windshield.

Luckily he was able to recover and get himself away from hitting the barrier and back onto the shoulder, and then back on the road.

I’m all for reckless driving, but not one for bug-on-windshield imitations.

4 Comments on “Almost a Car Crash”

  1. Ouch.. Good thing he didnt’ almost get you involved as well… Too bad he wasn’t in line to swing under the rtrailer of the truck and get himself a convertable..;)
    I have to say, after driving around Toronto, we drive way to slow. I drove from Toronto to Ottawa 2 weeks ago in 3.5 hours (that’s 450km), and was passed by a fair number of cars. Everyone moves so things are fine… IMHO speed differentail is the problem.
    Sorry for the rant, but trying to stay under 120km/h again is a real PITA;)

  2. Derf,
    I second you on that. I drove from near London to Port Hope in about 2.5 hours (300km). Going with the flow in the fast lane meant I was doing about 140. Even the backroads there are typically at least 80km. Of course, most roads there have wider shoulders, are very straight. And, most people drive longer distances.
    When I came back from Europe (the Netherlands, Germany, etc) was a similiar story. Many places have the speed limit at 130 in the fast lane, 100 in the middle lane, and 80 in the slow lane for trucks. So if you’re doing 150 in the fast lane, people will either be constantly tailgating you, or wizzing past when you move over.
    Makes it very hard to stick to 100km/h when coming back from the airport 😛
    I’m all for more stringent driver education programs and vehicle regulations if it means we can drive faster.

  3. On one of my last trips down to Calgary (K was already down there), I had a really close call.
    I had just pulled into the slow lane, because some nutcase was on my rear-end, and I was following a truck anyways…
    No sooner had I got into the slow lane than the truck cut me off, swerving quickly into my lane. I got a brief glimpse why… some idiot had stopped right on the highway (or at least was going VERY SLOWLY). In the fast lane.
    Needless to say, the idiot that had been tailgating me in the fast lane plowed directly into the guy, and it started a chain reaction behind him. I saw at least 3 or 4 more cars in my rear-view mirror that either collided or veered off into the median.