The Fab Faux Beatles Tribute Band

This is pretty cool…. today (yesterday actually, I’m a day behind) on the Howard Stern show, which is my morning addiction, they featured The Fab Faux a Beatles tribute band. Not tribute in the normal sense though… they feel that like the music of Beethoven and other great composers, the aim is to recreate it as perfectly as possible. So they strive as much as possible to re-create the songs of the Beatles as accurately as possible. They have five band members and a huge amount of instruments… the keyboard player has three different keyboards, some of the members will switch off between guitar and keyboards, they have a brass section….. I just wish they still had the E-Show there so there was a video record of it.

And I have to say it sounded incredible! They don’t attempt to do the same vocal sound, no fake accents or funny wigs or anything, just re-creating the music as perfectly as possible. Anyway, what a great idea, and cool to listen to.

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