Songs in my Head

Help me get this damn song out of my head!

For some reason for the last two or three days I’ve had the “Sulu Dance” song, a mix of some 80’s song whose name I can’t remember right now and some voice clips from George Takei. Hilarious. And auditorially (is that a word) addicting. Grab a copy from here and enjoy.



It’s the Sulu dance…..

It’s the Sulu dance!

Please….. make….. it…… stop……

3 Comments on “Songs in my Head”

  1. the background track is “Safety Dance” by Men without Hats, and i’ll trade you this stuck in your head for Rick Springfield’s “Jesse’s Girl” stuck in mine …. weak smile

  2. hateyouhateyouhateyou… now I have it stuck in MY head.
    Oh well, this morning I had Hearts “Heart of Glass” stuck in my head… “once i had love, and it was a gas… soon found out, had a heart of glass…”