Review of Britney Spears’ “Womanizer”

Only cause someone sent this to me today. My few quick thoughts on the video of Britney Spears’ Womanizer.

  • Hawt… Britney looks damn good, and naked, sweaty and covered in oil (or maybe sweat) to boot (yes, really). Guess when you’re a bazillionaire you can get yourself a great personal chef and team of trainers.
  • The actual music is standard crap, generic poppy crap. Sorry.
  • Her voice is way over-produced and over-effected, goes with it being poppy crap though I guess. Especially after listening to a version of Hotel California by Don Felder at a radio show, live, just him and a guitar. Holy crap the music kids listen to these days is crap.
  • Some kinda cool special affects shots… one I liked was of a guy who turns around “into” his suit. Very cool.
  • The story of the video is hard to get, it’s either about a slutty girl who is slutting it up with a bunch of guys, or getting back at guys who slutted around on her, or…. wait a minute, who really cares.

So yea, a naked Britney Spears in a steam room is about the only reason to watch this or listen to it. In fact, listen to it with the sound off, cause it’s crap.