Some Blog Cleanup

Few things new and changed here. If you read the actual page instead of the RSS feed you’ll see a lovely grey theme (unless I change it again) picked as it’s mildly pleasant and not too annoying. Note that if anyone out there wants to fix me up with something better I’m open to that too 🙂 Also I’ve enabled a bunch of comment spam protection. I’m fairly sick of having to mark 30 “pending” comments as spam a day, so I setup a Captcha as well as a couple of other anti-spam protections after Dana mentioned he was moving his company blog to TypePad to save himself from the spam and attacks.

I’ve tested it here, seems to work, please mail me if something is broken. If you are already an “approved” commenter (ie: one of the three people that read this site) most likely the captcha won’t even kick in. However if you’re a bot, hopefully your crap won’t hit my inbox anymore.

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