Audio Love

So now I have the iMac’s speaker out connected to the line in on the windows box, and the windows box’s speaker out connected to the linux box, which has the nice speakers attached to it. It all works! Now I just need a way to get rid of the iMac’s awful keyboard…. maybe replace my 2 port PS/2 KVM with a 3 port USB or something.

2 Comments on “Audio Love”

  1. Might I suggest a Logitech Elite keyboard?
    A couple of posible hitches however depending on your preferences… It isn’t an ergo keyboard, and it doesn’t have a usb hub. If I remember correctly, Engel also had a nifty keyboard from Microsoft on his iMac.

  2. I highly suggest a USB KVM, if you can float the $100 or so bucks for it. Then again, you are gunna pay about $100 for a good USB keyboard, so if you already have one of those (which I think you do), then spring for the USB KVM.
    Also, some USB KVMs also have audio sharing… very cool stuff.
    And yeah, the iMac’s speakers are pretty crappy 🙂 Good idea about the line-out to line-in idea. If I actually used the iMac for music or whatever, that would come in REAL handy.