Canadian Morning Tradition

Last night I got some work done on the code project I’m currently trying to get
out of the way. No mod_perl, no embedded perl, just straight CGI (and
php, but I don’t want to start re-learning a new technology when the project is
due on monday). I forgot how horrible it was. sigh. Guess when
you’re used to something better/faster you forget where you came from. I was
trying to do it in a cool way, auto generating the five separate database
retrieval pages automagically, but decided around 1am to forget it and just do
it the ugly way, by hand. I’m at the point where I just want to get it done and
out of the way. It’ll still work, and be good, but it won’t be great. After I
realized that doing it the slow-but-good way I spent some time getting a
template going to base the other four pages from and then hit the hay around

Morning comes, get up, notice I have automated emails, emails, SMS messages, and
a talk message waiting to tell me ufies webserver
was down. Turns out it was a bad PHP module in my
upgrade last night. Re-installed the module and all was good.

Heading to work this morning I participated in a proud Canadian tradition (I
think) for the first time…. the morning coffee from Tim Hortons. Pull into the drive through,
order, drive through, and for a mere $1.93 I enjoyed a large mocha (skim, but
not decaf… see earlier comment about going to bed at 2am), heated to
approximately 167 thousand degrees and completely
un-drinkable until I arrived at the office twenty five minutes later.

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