Clutch Problems


The last while my clutch has been slipping. Last week I finally got fed up and scheduled my beast in for a repair (lots of $, but if it means I’ll be able to drive properly again….). Yesterday when we went out to buy a new frying pan I noticed that the travel of the foot pedal was a little too easy. This happened once before a year or more ago, basically the travel of the clutch goes deeper and deeper until it’s really hard to get into and out of gear. Last time it was ok (where “ok” is defined as “drivable”) for a day or two but then I couldn’t get it into or out of gear 🙁 I stopped by the shop this morning to see if they could take me early, but they couldn’t, and apparently the foot pedal travel problem is related to the slippage of the clutch (nice of them to tell me if it kept going on for too long the car might be undrivable eh?).

So I get to either see if I can get Firefly to find a car (hers has been stolen by her family, and killed, so I don’t know if that’s possible), find someone here at work that can take me home and bring me back tomorrow…. if either of those work I can bring the car back to the shop today and just leave it there, otherwise I have to see if I can make it home and back again with out having to be towed anywhere.



Well, the car is at the shop now. Firefly is being a taxi tonight and tomorrow morning, and hopefully, hopefully tomorrow night I’ll have my car back to it’s full glory, and be able to drive like a maniac again.

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