Squash and Cars

So what exactly is the protocol when you hit your boss in the face with a squash ball from a hard shot?

Had a great game of squash last night with silverstr and the boss (aside from the above mentioned minor mistake). We had a round robin type setup to we managed to mix it up quite well. Towards the end Silv headed out (they screwed up on our court reservations, so it was later than expected). The boss and I stayed for another last game in which he proceeded to “school” me a bit, and when his points got to 6 or 7 to 0 he’d start again at 0 to 0, and then repeat. I think at the end of our last game he had won about 83-1.

However, I got a fantastic (and fun) cardio workout that I am paying for this morning.

The car is in the shop today, but aside from yet another minor thing they just found (leaking seal of some sort) it should be 100% tonight and back in my possession.