CNN Sucks

I guess that’s obvious by this point, but….

I made a snarky comment on a image of the day discussion thread a bit ago about how it’s really stupid to trust news sources like CNN. I head there today and see the following on the front page as the second bullet point on their front page under their current “War on Iraq” story.

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  1. Dude, if you think CNN is bad… be lucky you guys don’t get Fox News up there. They’re positively primevil. They are so deeply right wing that I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bush White House was slipping them cash under the table to keep their broadcasting up. Oy vey. As for that trick you mentioned…sweetie, that’s just journalism, not CNN in specific 😉 Trust me, Mommyvis was a journalist and I did my share of it. Don’t get me wrong, CNN isn’t as good as it used to be. But it’s not the worst and they’re not doing anything different than anyone else 🙂

  2. Oh we do, I just choose to ignore it. I also happened to go to and saw this particular story where it contradicted itself so clearly. Not that Fox isn’t a huge amount worse of course, but I choose not to watch fox for things other than the Simpsons 🙂

  3. You made a fatal flaw when you spoke your mind on a mostly American web board, you thought it would generate thought. Not to be nasty to our friends from the States, but arguing this with an American right now is pointless. They will not listen to anything you have to say and call you a pinko fascist in return.
    I gave up discussing the war when I know my audience is American and I’m close to giving up on any Canadian too. All I’m seeing are canucks prowdly stating they are rednecks and we should be right beside the Americans bombing the SH** out of Iraq.
    Ah screw it all… I’m going looking at pr0n now.

  4. CNN really lost any credibility when they started the whole “That probably isn’t Saddam” thing when he addressed his nation after the first US attack on Baghdad.
    I pretty much refuse to believe the words of any major news outlet these days, and string together what information I can from independant sources.

  5. Talking about FoxNews — there is a reason that it’s the most watched cable news channel.

  6. CNN really does suck a big one. All they do is misinform people with maybe/maybe not info time and time again. They give so much useless reporting on boring subjects. They also don’t give a flying f**k about Canada. I hope someone bombs the CNN headquarters beyond recognition. I am glad I relocated to Canada from the US. The people are more friendly and news broadcasting is exceptional and superior to that in the US, especially when compared to CNN.

  7. Last December I was on a cruise with my family during xmas when the big Iranian earthquake happened. CNN pointed out the eight nations that had immediately responded with aid. The US was not on their list. I thought that rather odd since we are right next door in Iraq. Sure enough, I later heard on the radio that the US offered aid and supplies right at the start. It was a blatent ommission in the first degree. If anyone thinks CNN sucks, try the international CNN , it makes the BBC look accurate and objective.

  8. Canadian news better than American news? Come on. Canadian news is partially censored by the government. That

  9. Hey listen lemming,
    All yours (and everyone elses) bullshit posturing aside – Canadians thank who ever the fuck is there to thank they aint YOU – every fucking day – you get it?
    BTW – we were there in ww1, ww2 and despite our financial/ geopolitical positioning/stance etc. – are still doin’ the grunt work only a Canadian could do in your beloved IRAQ (waste of time)
    Yet only America exists to the viewer – you sicken me, and many, many more.
    America is great, so act like Canadians – like you’ve earned it, not that it’s owed.
    101 baby.
    You may be the worlds’ military Wayne Gretzky – but we are your Gordie Howe.

  10. Happy July 4th. Yes, CNN is biased to the left…so is CBS, NBC, ABC, CBC, BBC, NPR, PBS the TIMES (NY & LA), Time, Newsweek, and most of the other “news” papers….don’t worry…unlike most Canadians, a slight majority of Americans still think before they vote (of course actually being allowed to vote for their country’s leader might make them take it a bit more seriously than those stuck with a frozen parliament) which means the little fraud Obama will not get elected…although there is still the risk of a filibuster proof congress!! Anyway, as a Canadian all I can say is, “Thanks” to the U.S. for our freedom and God Bless you all….please don’t get mad at the entire Canadian populace just because a few loons vote NDP & Liberal (and some are even so stoned they vote “Green!)…heeheehee