Evacuees Complaining

Yesterday I was impressed that the PM was going to send his plane to help evacuate people from Lebanon. Today on the news I hear that some of the first evacuees were complaining about the conditions. These were folks stuffed onto a cruise ship to get them to Cyprus, and I don’t imagine the trip

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E. Coli in New Orleans

Just a quick thought… so after the floods they’ve detected that the water is toxic. At the same time, they’re pumping water out of the city. Great pics of these massive pipes dumping water into the bay on the news. At least they acknowledge that it’s going to kill everything in the water, which goes

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Which Way to Vote

Darren says he’s voting green, and gives his reasons for his decision. Personally, I’m still undecided. Lately I’ve been thinking more about Canadian politics, especially after the Leaders Debate a week ago. To help make my decision I decided not to go with the candidate-o-matic and ask my local candidates directly.

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My Take on the 2004 Leaders Debate

First of all you can find far more real information about the Leaders Debate here. Lately, funnily enough thanks to things in the states, I’ve become a bit more interested in politics. There’s an election coming up and I have no idea who to vote for (regardless of what the Candidate-o-matic that Darren found tells

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