I set up the GeoURL thing, which allows you to put in your co-ordinates and see what other bloggers (or whoever) are “near” you in “meatspace.” It’s a neat idea, as long as you don’t mind giving our your ICBM address to the world. Now I can see who lives near me and stalk them.

I did discover some nifty things about my blogging neighbors though. Silverstr and Cuvarack are listed, which I didn’t expect for some reason, and I found southerngirl, the adventures of a Alabama gal living in British Columbia. Sounds like she did the same thing as MJ is planning on doing. It’s kind of wierd reading her weblog, as there’s a link to on the side, she talks about how Greg (whomever he might be) went to linuxfest on Saturday, how it rained a couple of days ago. Almost a deja-vu from someone else.

Hmm…. hold on a second. I thought that domain looked familiar! I do know that Greg! He even claims to be married to her! I probably have even met this person…. trippy how you find people isn’t it.