Goodbye Crappy Little Monitor

My last spare monitor appears to have died. I’m trying to work on this spare box I brought home to help a guy out with and at some point it just stopped showing anything on the screen. It still knows when it’s plugged into a computer or not (light goes from amber to green) and it gets power, but nothing shows on the screen (even on reboot) and the brightness/contrast knobs don’t do anything. Oh well. I have put it aside and grabbed my old faithful 12″ black and white VGA monitor from the storage room. It’s tiny, has no concept of “power save mode”, is dirty and has “U5 20%” written on the case in old pen, but it works, and continues to work.

But it’s after midnight and I just got said other computer going, and I can’t type anymore, so I’ll let it do it’s online update and go to bed.

That and the cat just came in and informed me it was bedtime.