Meet with NewBoss

Had a meeting with NewBoss today (or would that be $newjob->boss ?) to check out the new workplace, get an official offer of work, see what they are doing, etc. Went well, I’m discovering that Mac people (real Mac people, not newbies like me) have the similar persuasion to covering their walls with Apple posters. Strange.

Anyway, the stuff that I’ll be doing sounds familiar, database + perl + web, and they run a looser ship than in Chilliwack, a lot more seat of the pants. Kinda reminded me of the good ol’ days in Silverstr‘s basement, without need for paperwork, “approval process” or that pesky “signing off” stuff. We’ll see how it is in reality. To make things slightly more interesting the other programmer there that I’d be under (time there wise anyway) may be away for a bit around the time when I first start. Depending on if/how long he’s away for I’ll either be thrown directly into the fire, or be thrown directly into the fire and be in charge of a temp programmer. “Interesting.”

But it seems like a neat place, a little far to ride my bike to (at least until the summer), with decent people and what appears to be a pretty relaxed working environment. Looking forward to it!

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