Random Thoughts

  • Where are all these trucks and SUVs coming from with the turn light on the side mirrors? It seems in the last three days I’ve seen more of them than I have… well…. ever.
  • Coding in one’s undies is a right that every contract programmer is granted at birth. Similar, but not quite, the same as Chris‘s no pants fridays.
  • X-Men 2 coming up this weekend! Whohoo!
  • Last theoretical week of contract work in Chilliwack… assuming that I get the final-official-blessed-stamped-approved offer from $newjob
  • It’s amazing what you can see by watching your server logs… I saw someone come to my site from a search for “how to have an affair” (no idea where I am on the result list, glad I’m not the top link (yet)). The link they were going to was this one.

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