Rules for the Canuck Bandwagon

Inspired by a couple of posts by MJ over at going canuck, I present a quick and dirty list of the rules of the Canucks bandwagon (at least the ones I follow).

Rules of the Vancouver Canucks Bandwagon

  1. During the regular season you may jump on and off the bandwagon as much as you like
  2. Caveat: If they are on a streak (ie: the 14 game winning streak they had a month or so ago), you must stay on the bandwagon
  3. If they make it to the playoffs you must stay on the bandwagon
  4. Explanation of the above rule: watching and cheering for them in one playoff game, or caring if they win or not, constitutes being “on” the bandwagon
  5. If they make the playoffs you must jump on the bandwagon
  6. While on the bandwagon you are still allowed to make disparaging remarks about their [insert area of crappy play here] as long as you still have hope in your heart
  7. Explanation of the above rule: you are also permitted to say how you could have done better at [position] than [playername]
  8. You are not allowed to have signs saying anything bad about players or the team, while on or off the bandwagon, that’s just being a poor sport
  9. Caveat: If you lose more than the amount you pay for rent on a Canucks game the above rule doesn’t change, that’s your own stupid fault
  10. If the canucks make it past the first round of the playoffs you are allowed to drink a case of beer regardless of your dieting regulations
  11. Caveat: It must be Canadian beer, or Guiness
  12. If they make it to the finals and win an important game it is acceptable to have a street party in the streets of downtown
  13. If they lose in the finals you are not allowed to riot, and the suggested course of action is to drink beer, stay at home, and mope
  14. If they win the finals you are expected to claim to have been on their side the entire time and look down your nose at others who jumped on and off the bandwagon.

I’m not sure if the above is sad or funny, but others are free to add their own rules (and I hope that at least some do).

2 Comments on “Rules for the Canuck Bandwagon”

  1. Love the rules for the Nux bandwagon. Hope you like the fact I used it as the first link in the first post of the regular season.
    Coconuts Co!
    I mean, Go Canucks Go!