Long Days

Well, made it through the weekend, started the week. The last bit at work has been slow and discuraging. It seems like I’m constantly doubling back on myself, going back over things that I should know, do know, have done, or need to do over and over again. Part of it I think is trying to copy the existing style of the programmer here, and failing miserably. They have a system they built from the ground up, and have done things “their way” for a while, and since they built the system a while back, it’s grown. It’s very hard to find a solid “copy this” example to do things the way they do it. I guess part of it is also that they are using some technology that I’m not used to, so I’m trying to learn/re-learn that, and copy their stuff, and keep on going around in circles šŸ™

As an example I managed to find a chunk of code that gave me an idea of how to do things for one part of what I’m doing, but when I tried to figure out how they integrate database access into that…. nowhere to be seen. Then I hunted around for it for a while and eventually found it about 30 steps down the inheritance chain, and in a format that made no sense to me (but I’m sure it made perfect sense to whoever wrote it). One more vote for proper, or at least attempted, programmer documentation.

Still no ram for this box here, and I’m getting a bit pissed off at the slowness of my windows box when trying to do development on it, I think it’s time to upgrade to a mid-range system about now. In fact, as soon as I save this I’m going to email Derf and Cat5 and get some prices for an upgrade. When Doom3 comes out I’ll either deal with it or upgrade again. After all, in working my ass off evenings and weekends, I’m doing it for a reason right? And unlike car payments, (which I do plan to make), computer stuff can be written off tax-wise for the company šŸ™‚

Outside of that things are not terrible. Weather has kinda sucked, but it’s not cold, just rainy. Maybe that’s what’s bringing me down. A couple of weeks somewhere hot would do great things for me. Sadly, taking time off means no money, and no money means we can’t afford to buy things, like, food, and whatnot.

Speaking of food, had some awsome meat last night. Firefly convinced me to get an order of meat from one of those bulk places, where you get 800lbs of meat for about the same price as in the store, but “better” (organic, not soaked in water to increase it’s weight, etc), and you get it all at once so you don’t have to go and buy it every week at the store. One of the bonuses is that some of their packs of meat comes pre-marinaded, and the stuff we had last night was awsome.

Went out with Brad last night as well, had a good time. It was cool to just sit with him and shoot the shit, bitch about work, coworkers, lack of climbing, the abundance of idiots, and life in general. Must do that more often. I missed out on a meet up with Silverstr, Cuv, Muckhead, and a couple of the other guys last night in doing this, where I’m sure they did pretty much the same thing.

A lovely short week due to the holiday. Almost Friday. Wonder how the weather will be this Saturday, and if I’ll care while asleep?