TGIF Updates

  • My buddy Muckhead is now on the SEP. Congrats dude!
  • Had an awsome dinner last night with Silverstr and family, very tasty, followed by The Recruit, a pretty cool spy/espionage thriller with Al Pachino and Colin Farrel (of Phone Booth). Though there were a couple of things that Firefly pointed out that were a bit off about this movie, other than the Movie OS stuff, but I write those off as silly things done to move the plot along 🙂
  • Looks like Silv also enjoyed the Half Life 2 Video, and I can’t agree more.
  • Finally got things working better in my epic saga of hardware replacement. I’ll be writing a novel (or novels) about it soon.
  • My legs have pretty much recovered from my first soccer experience in many years. I can walk like a normal person again, and people in the office don’t look at me like I’m some sort of gimp (well, a gimp that can’t walk anyway).
  • TGIF!

2 Comments on “TGIF Updates”

  1. Apparently SkyService is showing the Recruit on their eastbound flights, so hopefully I’ll be seeing it on my way to Toronto this morning. The trailers for it looked good…