Weekend Parties and Lost and Found Kittens

It was a weekend and a half I think. On Saturday we went down to Seattle with Yohimbe and WebDivaD for CthulhuWife’s birthday party. The drive was ok, except for the random torrential downpours that we encountered. About halfway there we encountered an accident which had things backed up right around an offramp. That offramp had a sign for Krispy Kreme so we of course, headed into the backwoods to search it out. After a couple of turns we had it, and entered for the Krispy Kreme Experience(tm). I’m not sure exactly why this company seems to have taken off… they have good donuts, but it can’t be just that.

Anyway, a box of plain and a box of assorted donuts in hand (lap) we headed back to the next exit and continued on. We arrived around 4:30 or 5 and were greeted by a household of people of which we knew 2. Eventually JD arrived, and we talked to many people about many different things. One guy there was shocked that Yohimbe, as a 30something man had never seen a handgun outside of a holster (except for on TV)! I’ve only had one experience with a handgun outside of it’s holster, but that was when I went shooting with Muckhead to the range with Silverstr and fired off a few hundred rounds from his .45.

Anyway, got back home around midnight or midnight-thirty. Unfortunately, the day didn’t end there.

I had left the window in the office open because it was smoking hot in there in the morning. Sometime during the time we were away the cats had knocked the screen off (it was on there pretty loosely) leaving them a wide open way to get in and out of the house and onto the porch. Came home to a house with no cats in it. Corny and Rex soon appeared, but the little Zoon was nowhere to be seen. Cue the next hour or so of shining a flashlight on other peoples porches (we’re on the second floor but the dividers between the porches aren’t all the way to the deck, so the cats had free reign all the way from one end of the building to the other, albeit only on the porch, as there was really no way to get off it. In the end we closed the office door, left the window open, and put a bowl of food there. I have to admit I was a bit worried.

Woke up at around 6am, wandered groggily into the office, and found a little grey kitten sitting on the desk, looking quite resentful. She was quite happy to see us though, and went through an extended version of the “maul the humans to get them to pet me first thing in the morning” game.

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