A Good Weekend, A Half Decent Monday

Not a horrible weekend. Saturday I got the last (<fingers crossed>) of the changes for my last contract out of the way. I haven’t heard anything from them yet, but I’ll throw a bill in their direction in a couple of days unless I hear otherwise. That took care of most of Saturday. Sunday we attended the Church of Brunch with Yohimbe, WebDiva and Iambe, and it was good. Came home afterwards and spent the next while watching the remaining Buffy episodes from my Season 1 DVD. Halfway through, after seeing the prices for the Babylon 5 DVD $85.00 CND vs $72.00 US and the Second Season being $79.99 CND and $74.99 US…. well, it’s either a testement to our raising dollar, or something else. Apparently that’s a good price anyway, so we ran out and I got the Second Season, but we couldn’t find the First. Iambe’s going to try to pick it up Season 1 today sometime.

So that took care of the weekend.

This morning, I managed to wake up, shower, shave, have scrambled eggs for breakfast, fill up on gas and still get to work by quarter after 8. Wow. I forgot a book I was going to bring, but I didn’t have time to read it at lunch anyway, so not a big deal.

I’m impressed with my list of accomplishments for the morning. Now all I need to do is add “go for a run” to that and I’ll be really happy.

Tonight I’m going to hit the gym real quick to get some weights in and then at 7 the boss is playing soccer again, and I’ll ride down to join him and the rest of the crazy people there. Hope the bugs aren’t out in force though. Hopefully my leg recovery time will be reduced this week.

Apparently $jimfromthelastjobbutnottheonebeforethat is getting into climbing, and I have been trying to as well, at least as far as thinking about it, and resolving to get out on the rock soon. I’ll probably get a one or two month pass at the local climbing gym to get my fingers and forearms back into proper shape. The last time I was there I came out after a couple of hours with my fingers raw and my hands unable to close. Not that lifting weights doesn’t help, but it doesn’t help you climb better, therefor, time to get to the gym/rock, QED.

To help me get psyched up (or hinder my work), I’ve got a bunch of the rock climbing and mountain wallpaper from this page. Most yummy. The disadvantage of course is that to see my wallpaper I can’t have anything in front of it, like…. terminal or browser windows.