Delmar and Oggs

I’ve gotta say, I’m impressed with my buddy Engel‘s weblog. Good reading and interesting stuff. Keep up the good work!

On the subject of ogg vs mp3, I guess I’m a cool geek because when I came home last night at 11:30 last night the first thing I did was rip the new (old) CDs I got that were dupes/unwanted from my folks. I even made my first FreeDB submission of Tongue and Groove/Tongue and Groove (which aren’t showing up (yet?)). Go me. I do use ogg for the reasons Engel doesn’t care about… free, better quality (my sound system, while not awsome, is not terrible either), etc. Of course, I’m screwed when it comes to mp3 devices like my car stereo, the iPod I will eventually own, and pretty much anything outside of the computer. There is at least one .ogg speaking device in the works, but I’ll believe it (and buy it) when I see it.

Until then I’ll continue using the .ogg as my “master” format, ripped at a higher quality (7 IIRC) and taking up more space. When I need to move stuff to mp3 I’ll find a conversion program of some sort and rip to lower quality mp3 (standard 128 or 196) and use that for my portables. Come on Neuros!