Exit Training for the SEP

Last night was the last “required” seminar for the Self Employment Program. Basically three hours of looking through a theoretical companies financial statements (well, balance sheet and Income Statement) and determining how it’s being managed etc. I remember now why I hated my accounting classes in school. Had nice sushi dinner with Silvrstr beforhand though, so that wasn’t all that bad.

Only 6 people showed up, out of the 15 or more that were there for the other two sessions we had. Not sure if they forgot, were out of the program , or what. It wasn’t as long and horrible as some of the three hour Greg B. classes I’ve had, where I just sit there completely numb with boredom, trying to stay awake, or at least not look like I’m falling asleep, which I generally would start doing about 10 minutes into the class. Some things perk me up, some things are better than any illegally produced downer imaginable. At one point in the seminar we were talking about reconciling bank statements, and the guy next to me mentioned he didn’t do his. That brought a gasp up from the crowd. The lady on the other side of me said that she’d only seen her financial counciler once, and nowhere near the 15 hours alotted by the program. More gasps. I said that I didn’t reconcile either. Still more gasps. I think that the people on either side of me have shitty financial people, and I (who have a different guy from them) just don’t have one who askes the right questions. Either that or I am too confident in my accounting, and don’t think to say “hey, should blah blah?” at the right times, and instead says “nope, everythings, fine, no questions”. My guy is a good guy and we meet once a month and he’s always available by phone, but the depth of our conversations is usually pretty much “hows it going” “going good” “hm…. see you bought some computer stuff” “yup, should it be under small tools or capital assets” “[answer]” “cool” “any other questions” “nope” “see you next month”.

I’ll throw him an email and maybe meet in the next few days, get a bit better handle on things. My thing is that my business is pretty much like a job, and other than money coming in from customers and going out to me in the form of owners draw, there’s really nothing more complicated than that going on. No payables, no stock to worry about, none of that.

Still a month or two left on the program, no idea what will happen after that. I’m still sort of debating where the hell I am in life, and at close to thirty have no real clue what the next few years will bring. Course, I wouldn’t want to have my life all figured out by now either 🙂

Oh well, two more pieces of paper off my desk (dentist appointment for yesterday morning and the note saying the SEP thing was last night) and into the garbage.

Now to work I fly! Well, no, I don’t get to really fly, but you know what I mean.