A70 Review

A very nice review of the A70 that K just got Tig, and that I’m more and more seriously looking at getting when I get my next paycheck, assuming those nasty end of month bills don’t leave me starving and on the street.

3 Comments on “A70 Review”

  1. The grip is FANTASTIC. It fits great in my hand, and you can access every function on the camera with a single hand.

  2. After a year of “looking” 2 months ago we ended up with a Nikon CoolPix 3100 and are really happy with it. If you want, drop by on day and I’ll let you play with it a bit if you want.
    Battery consumption was a concern at first, but now that they have been cycled a few times things are good.

  3. PS, the A70 looks cool, the only thing I didn’t like too much on the cannons was the grip.. Nikon felt better, but no extras like this one. (or sound)