New Pictures up in the Gallery

Finished off my roll of film the other day and got it developed at London Drugs using their “we’ll put your images onto CD but we’ll rip you off by charging you $2 for a blank CD” deal to try it out. The images I got back weren’t bad, what you see haven’t gone through any photoshop processing at all, unlike what I should have done with the scans I’ve done. Anyway, the full gallery is here.

Nothing hugely interesting. A good shot of firefly and some dogs, and some landscapes, a not too bad shot of Mount Baker (man I love the views in this area). And other misc stuff. Probably my favorite is a simple shot of a daisy taking using the macro mode of the telephoto lense I got from dad a while back. I think I probably got the idea from here, but who cares, it’s still a nice shot 🙂

One Comment on “New Pictures up in the Gallery”

  1. Tip for macro: Take a 50mm or 28mm lens, and use it backwards (ie: the end that would normally go into the camera becomes the ‘outside lens’. You should be able to get amazingly close with this technique.