Panorama Website

Wow, found Panoramic Photography by Brad Templeton and it’s a sweet site, with about 80,000 panoramas for your multi-desktop pleasure. Now I just need more monitors for some of the 360 degree shots!

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  1. If you liked that, do a Google for “Panorama Mesdag”. Lots of nice pictures, stories, linkage, and even some English results further down.
    This realism of this historic panaromic painting blew me a way when I saw (experienced) it. A good overview can be found at t
    It’s located in an old building that looks like your standard older apartment/office building. Once you get upstairs, and look out… it’s like you’re no longer inside, but instead have emerged on hill over a oceanside fishing village. Even after 20 minutes of looking at this 360 degree, 10+ foot painting it is very difficult to figure out whether that boot is part of the painting, or the real sand that is inbetween the viewing area and the canvas.
    If a picture is a 1000 words… this one is worth much more then that.