Hellishly Hot Weekend

Wow, I want the rain back. I love the sun, but man, the last couple of days were just killer. The apartment has sucky circulation (windows only on one side), so I spent 2x$69.99 for a couple of window fans to replace the ones that we had (that came with the apartment from Iambe and Engel) but dissapeared somewhere along the way. I hate spending $ I don’t have to (well, sometimes). The dual fans worked nicely though, one in the office, one in the bedroom, one on exaust and one on fresh air, creating a bit of circulation. The office was still smoking hot though, even with both fans going, plus the A/C in the living room, and all the other fans in the house (3) going at once, pointing in various different directions. Computers acted wierd all Saturday, and eventually I just turned them off to cut down on heat. It was too hot to work either way though, I did get some updates to the last project done, but not much. I just had no ambition to work.

I wanted to get out into the sun like Tig and K did, but my allergies were out in full force the last week. I finally got some allergy meds that seem to be working, making my life bearable. I still ended up feeling like Raskal’s cat though. The A/C in my car is ok, but some other people have far better ideas (ie: jeeps with out roofs or doors).

I did get to the gym though, I’ve been working my “climbing muscles” according to my Training for Rock Climbing book. Back, lats, chest and tricepts mostly, along with the standard running regiem. I think my muscles are coming back though, managed to bench 205 (with 45lb bar) for 6-8 clean reps. Still gotta get my body fat content down though. Gotta get to the real climbing gym though to get my finger tips in shape, as they (and my hands) are soft as a little girls right now. Time to go at ’em with rough sandpaper or something.

Last night Silv emailed and mentioned that Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory kicked ass, so I headed online to play a bit. It wasn’t bad, but not having played before I didn’t know how to do the cool stuff, like calling in airstrikes or stuff. Mostly I just got shot. Will try to go online tonight and play some more though.

I’ve been playing a bit of UT 2003 in prep for the lanparty, getting my FPS muscles back, and seeing how the new hardware performs (benchmarking… yea, that’s it!). Only playing against bots, but it’s still fun, and it’s a good looking game, must sexier than Q3 IMHO, but I still don’t play it as much (the fact I can’t play online has something to do with that though). Can’t wait for Doom3! I just hope that next weekend isn’t as hot, cause having 10+ people at my place in 30degree heat (even with the A/C going) is going to suck!

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