Holy Monitors Batman

When Iambe sent me a link to this page I viewed it and responded with simply “[censored, far too harsh language for my readers]“. My second response after this was “holy fucking shit”.

Man, I thought my two monitor setup was kinda snazzy, and going for three would be just crazy! A bit of investigation revealed that it’s not a fake or a photoshop though. Wideview software provides a system to hook up as many computers/monitors as you want with the idea being for training on flight sims. Wonder if it’d work with quake?

One Comment on “Holy Monitors Batman”

  1. That self-censorship is funny. I saw this post in its original form and happen to be using nntp//rss which now shows me both versions. Still, that’s the coolest setup I’ve seen. Gotta show it to some of the pilots at the airline.