Lan Party

Finally got around to holding the “alan has had a big apartment for almost a year now isn’t it time to have a lan party” lan party. Started the festivities around 9am (or was supposed to anyway) and people finally showed up around 10, which was good, because 9 is far too early in the morning to do anything but stumble around saying “neeed….. fooood……”.

Cat5 showed up with tables, and Silverstr shortly after. We got the living room set up in short order and then to my surprise, people actually started showing up!

After the obligiatary file swapping, music critiquing, and patching, updating, map downloading, etc, we finally managed to get things started. Lots of Quake, Lots of UT, some UT2003, lots of fun.

It kinda sucked to be out of the mass of geeking, but it just didn’t make sense for me to move my stuff out into the living room, so I stayed in my office with Iambe and Firefly.

People filtered in all day, either with boxen or just to hang out and geek and grab a spare computer when someone left it for a few seconds. Things wrapped up around 7 or 8 or 9 or so, with people having to head out for various things. Clean up was far easier than I’d thought. Taking a trick from the great gatherings when Iambe lived here I used a big garbage can and just stuffed everything in there. The next time the only thing I’ll do different is have paper plates and plastic cups available. Furnature moving was not that bad and we ended up watching Equilibrium on DVD (I told you I would get it). Silv’s going to be pissed that he missed it, but he was out watching The Italian Job anyway.

People wandered out and we were back to a normal apartment (except for some pizza boxes and garbage to go out) by before midnight.

As you can guess from the pictures, I have a put up some pics from throughout the day. Silverstr has also done a bit of a write up and even put up some pictures.