Random Bitching

  • I’m sick. Bleah. I’m not sure if it’s allergies, but I woke up at 2:30am last night after getting to bed at a nice early 11pm with a lovely fit of sneezing and wheezing. Got up, had a big glass of orange juice. Woke up late, was slower than normal getting up and about and fed and everything, got to work later than usual. Still feel like crap.
  • I forgot how much you loose when you don’t climb for a while. After a couple of hours in the climbing gym with Jim (hehe) last night my toes were screaming in pain, my ‘tips were raw, and my forearms were pumped enough to hardly close. It was good though, and as soon as my body is back enough to go again I’m going to get myself a month membership and go there instead of the normal gym to get my body back into climbing mode. I just have to remember to not be intimidated by the young folks there with their 0% body fat and I-go-here-every-day superiority.
  • My radio is broken too. Or half broken anyway. It’s got a flip face and it the buttons and controls only work when the flip face is halfway down. As soon as it’s flipped all around it stops responding (but still plays). There’s something loose somewhere because I can see the lights on the face going on and off indicating it’s loosing contact somewhere along the way. Sometimes flipping it back to it’s “up/hidden” position will make it respond again (in the halfway down position) and sometimes the faceplate has to come off and be put back on again. Time to pull out the warranty but I don’t think that’s still in effect. Maybe time to see what’s new in the realm of car stereos.
  • Just realized my tires should be in by now (even though dude hasn’t called to confirm) and I’ll have to go into town sometime tomorrow quickly to get ’em put on. Oh, and it sounds like the LAN party will be all good, WhiteKnight and Kelora and Iambe just confirmed, bringing the total up a bit more. I’m wondering if it might be too successful 🙂

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