Ouch, the Fingertips!

Jim came out tonight and we hit the climbing gym again. It felt pretty good, but still, after an hour and a half I was completely baked. My fingertips are still raw. I felt I did pretty good at the begining of the night, got well stretched out, did a couple of good pulls on the fingertip board, and started to feel like I was getting back in the game. I’m thinking if I can do this a few times a week I’ll be in good shape for the summer, especially if my fingertips start getting some calluses on them. They are still raw right now, and even holding a cup of tea at dinner was painful, had to wait until it was cooler.

Found my old finger exerciser thingy on the shelves (“tidied” away when we moved in no doubt) and have it in the car to use on the way to work and back. It’s just a ring of rubber that lets you flex your fingers on and I have no idea if it works well, but it’s painful at times, so no pain no gain right? Finger strength and calluses are pretty prime in terms of stuff for climbing. Shedding a few pounds is up there too, my upper body is pretty strong from the gym, but why drag more weight up the rock than you need to right? Maybe I’ll rely on my technique to save me!

Heading up on sunday with Brad and family to squamish, allergies and weather permitting. I am figuring the weather will be nice, as long as they keep predicting rain 🙂 On saturday I’ll be heading into MEC to look at climbing shoes and maybe a hangboard if I can find a place in the apartment where it could hang happily.