Scanning and Digital Photography

This might interest dad, whose been doing some digital imaging and stuff like that. I asked the random($foo) guy a couple of questions about his photography and he threw back some great stuff. I noted he used the EOS-10D as a camera but when I first looked at it I thought “nah, it’s an SLR, not a digital. Anyway, I asked him what he used to get his pictures from photo paper to a digital format. Turns out that he’s fully digital and looking again I realize that that camera is a digital. It’s a wee bit pricey for someone like me. Nice camera though. [Insert muttering about digital camera that lack such simple features as manual focus, which my old Pentax P90 has]

Anyway, Leonard sent me some links with some great info on adjusting digital pictures in photoshop and scanning techniques, which I include below so I don’t forget them:

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