Almost a Job Offer

Got an email from Yohimbe seeing what I was doing and if I wanted to come work for him, for a nice salary (mostly enough to offset the suck of having to drive to downtown). I was all ready to start re-evaluating my options, my life, the future, and set him and my current boss against each other in a massive bidding war for my brain that would leave me rich enough to afford diamond studded toilet seats.

Unfortunately I’m not a java coder 🙁

Guess he thought that I was one of the coders that created the kick-ass frontend management tools at Merilus-now-NetMaster. I admit that it was indeed my fault for misleading him by not telling him earlier that I didn’t (no, he didn’t ever ask). Unfortunately he doesn’t need a backend perl/C coder right now, at least for the salary that could push my lifestyle into “exalted”. Oh well, maybe next time.

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