Finally I get to dissapear on the weekend! We are heading out to the big SCA war in Clinton. We went up two years ago with Engel and Fozbaca and it was a lot of fun. This year the weather promises to be a bit warmer (in the 27’s or so) for the weekend, so I hope that the fact we’re in the middle of a huge open field with no protection from above doesn’t lead to too many cases of heat-stroke 🙂

I’d forgotten what a huge pain in the ass getting ready for something like this was. Firefly’s been sewing her butt off for the last week turning $2 tableclothes into awsome shirts and pants for me and her, and her and Iambe have been dealing with the logistics of getting us, camping equipment and food up there. As at work we’re in the middle of a big release I’m not going to be able to sneak away friday like I’d hoped (and judging from how things are here now, there has been talk of an all nighter tonight (not that people are very productive after a certain point anyway :)), so the girls are heading up tomorrow morning and I’ll be heading up tomorrow night. We aquired Cat5 to go up on Friday with us as well (with hopes of selling auctioning him off in a kissing contest or the like), so he and I will be boogieing up togther. He was by at 7:30 this morning dropping off coolers and camping gear, filling up the office.

I’m not sure if this will be an active vacation or a resting vacation, but it’ll be good to get away, that’s for sure.