Business Folks

Went out last night after work to the fraser valley technical…. something something. Basically a get together small businesses in the local area for networking (the personal kind), etc. It was ok I guess. I sort of consider myself “employed” so I’m not really looking for contacts or trying to find marketting people or anything, so a lot of that aspect was wasted. It was a hawaiian shirt theme, which was cool, and that meshed perfectly with the wonderful weather was had (and are having). Ended up talking to a couple of other linux and BSD type geeks, A got to talking horses with some one and then later on he told us and some other people about Costa Rica. Apparently it’s like Mexico but without the constant requests for money and people trying to sell you things. As I’ve never been to Mexico I can’t vouch that that’s what happens, but mom and dad have and they have had similar stories. Anyway, he put Costa Rica on my “list of places to go”.

The one interesting thing about the meet and greet was I met a guy who was with Interealty, who ran the system that I did tech support for long long ago. He was actually a marketting guy working with a company that was bought out, but he knew some of the people and technologies that I was familiar with. He was surprised as well to find someone there that understood his niche. At least he understood my hatred of tech support.

In other news, no new picture today.

Oh, and “Yay, Friday”.