In The Sights

Cool, I got a mention by Scoble. I’m not sure how I feel about that…. BILL, the BILL could be reading that blog, seeing the link…. seeing my page…. seeing the horrible things that I did to his precious little branded toy…. seeing my other microsoft bitching…. sending the MS goons after me…. oh god… gotta take a breath.

Quick! Hide!

3 Comments on “In The Sights”

  1. Check again. He has commented on this article now. You are moving UP in the world. You were mentioned BY NAME by Scoble.
    Of course, now with all your fame you will forget about us little people. Except that this doesn’t impress us. You always like to play with your monkey and hope someone will comment on it.

  2. just remember the simpsons episode where homer started a “high tech” company which billg and his goons “bought out” 🙂