Oh man, the freaks out there scare me more than ever. Just saw this in my webserver logs:

(Edited so it doesn’t make the browser do that ugly horizontal scroll thing, but not to protect the IP of the pervert).

2 Comments on “Freaks!”

  1. You’ve obviously never looked through nasty’s referrer logs…
    A small sampling:
    teen male stripped for medical
    fat woman smother mouth
    come without touching
    angelina jolie having sex cyborg 2
    And, of course, my all time favourite (and one of the most common) search terms: drumroll (NSFW, of course)

  2. Yo Arc, call up PCS ( ) and find out which pervert did that search! 🙂 Maybe all Iowa farmboys are into cat playtoys.
    (PCS is the holder of that IP addr and they are a local dialup provider in Ottumwa… Home of Radar Oreilly!!)